Sunday, December 18, 2011

Why You Need to Workout Your Legs

Legs, the part of the body that no one wants to workout. You can't flex your legs and show off, they are usually covered with jeans and you would usually flex your bicepts anyways. So then why work them out? Well, you should workout legs for these reasons. First, if you build up your legs, then you will have a stronger base so you will be able to lift more with your upper body. This will lead to bigger arms and chest which you can show off. Also, you don't want to be disproportional, because a guy with huge upper body and chicken legs looks wierd. So if you want to lift more and look better, never forget to workout your legs!


  1. Nice post, and can't agree more. Feels like a lot of people forget about the legs.

  2. Plus, chickens legs are embarrassing to have.

  3. im xo guilty abt the legs.bdw come thru my blog sometime